The timeless heritage of Eista Werf boats

In 1959, an event marked the beginning of a company that would become one of the most renowned shipyards in the Netherlands.

The baron is faced with an unexpected situation – baron Maurits van Wassenaer’s rowing boat is stolen. In order to deal with this incident, he decided to have a new boat built.

And so began the Eista Werf’s story

Based in Ammerzoden, near Netherhemert, this shipyard quickly became one of the most successful in the Netherlands, leaving an indelible mark on the shipbuilding industry.

The jewels of Eista Werf: iconic yachts and sailboats produced by the shipyard

Between 1959 and 1981, she built various types of boats in her shipyard.

In particular :

  • Doerak motor yachts
  • Banjer motor sailboats
  • Rogger motor sailboats
  • Krammer motor sailboats

During the same period, more than 4,500 rowing boats and 2,500 Doerak motorboats were built in steel by Eista Werf. The shipyard also produces other steel yachts such as :

  • the Arthur Nova
  • Sesam

Vessels produced by the yard were marketed abroad by companies such as Intermarine, Stangate Marine and Impex Enterprises.

The owners of these boats have created a variety of clubs, including :

  • the Doerak club
  • Rogger Motorsailer Club
  • Banjer Motorsailer Club
  • Krammer Motorsailer Club

Dick Lefeber: The genius behind Eista Werf’s legendary boats

All these yachts, whether in steel or polyester, are designed by the talented Dick Lefeber. He brings his remarkable expertise and know-how to every project.

Boats designed by Dick Lefeber are distinguished by their timeless elegance, remarkable functionality and meticulous fittings.

It was during the 60s and 70s, while working for Eista Werf, that Dick Lefeber demonstrated his talent to the full, designing the popular Doerak and Marak models.

He also left his mark on the designs of the famous Rogger, Banjer and Krammer, which met with great success. In fact, he has developed over 40 models and variations using both steel and polyester.

Dick Lefeber went on to design numerous Lemster Aken and Staverse Kotters for traditional builders, further enriching his experience and know-how. His expertise has extended across a variety of projects, cementing his reputation as an outstanding designer in the shipbuilding field.

Eista Werf’s lasting legacy: Exceptional pre-owned boats and a major influence on the Dutch shipbuilding industry

Although Eista Werf ceased operations in 1981, its legacy as a shipyard continues to shine. The exceptional boats they produced have left an indelible mark on the shipbuilding industry.

Their quality, innovative design and functionality are widely recognized and appreciated. Eista Werf’s lasting influence is reflected in the continuing admiration for her creations. His name remains associated with excellence in boatbuilding.

The most sought-after Eista Werf pre-owned boats on the market vary according to buyers’ preferences and needs. Popular models that generally generate a lot of interest are :

  • Eista Werf Doerak 650
  • Eista Werf Doerak 780
  • Eista Werf Doerak 9.50
  • Eista Werf Rogger 35
  • Eista Werf Rogger 34
  • Eista Werf Krammer 707
  • Eista Werf Krammer 780 AK
  • Eista Werf Banjer 35
  • Eista Werf Banjer 37

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