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Cédric F.

Cédric Fombonne
+33 6 82 13 52 51

Business Leader, Hyères

Cédric started sailing in his baby carriage hooked up with bungee cords! He then tried his hand at sport sailing (windsurfing, hobby cat…) before discovering sailboat cruising at an engineering school in Marseille. Hooked by the sea environment, Cedric will end up touring the Atlantic in 2019 – 2020 with his family. When he went back he had a revelation: after almost 20 years’ experience in the retail and supply chain sectors as a consultant expert in transformation and profit improvement projects, he was thus looking for a great adventure with a company to take over in the nautical sector. He was completely taken with Med’In Boats, which became MiB Yacht Services at this point.

Kim O.

Kim Oukil
+33 6 60 29 57 20

Administrative & Sales Assistant, Hyères

Passionate about her environment (urban and ecological), travels and the sea, Kim has navigated between boating and luxury real estate.
Parisian and city dweller at first, she discovered the world of boating at a young age. Initially recruited as a hostess, she took part in two Atlantic crossings to convoy boats and spent two years in Guadeloupe working as a cabin crew. Back in France, she settled on the Giens peninsula.
Holder of a Deust in Real Estate Law and after many years in real estate, as a negotiator, transaction support assistant and rental department manager, her love of the sea prompted her to come back to boating.
Wishing to combine her skills with her passion, Kim naturally joined MiB Yacht Services.

Vincent V.

Vincent Vallée
+33 7 49 42 89 57

International Yacht Broker, Le Marin, Martinique

Vincent has always been drawn to the marine environment and the discovery of new horizons. After growing up by the ocean in Vendée, he went on to study marine biology, which took him to Nantes, Biarritz, Arcachon, Bordeaux and Brest. In 2016, he flew to French Guiana to complete a doctoral thesis in oceanography, which he obtained in 2020. With a desire for adventure, he then decided to learn sailing and bought a sailboat to cross the Atlantic Ocean on his own. In October 2021, after a year and a half of preparation, he set sail from Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, arriving a few months later in the Caribbean, where he will drop anchor. Always looking for new challenges, Vincent joined the MiB Yacht Services team in November 2022 to develop the company’s business in the West Indies.

Laurent R.

Laurent Rouxel
+33 6 79 86 39 83

International Yacht Broker, Marseille

Laurent started sailing at the age of 7 on an optimist at the sailing school in Erquy (22). At 16, he graduated as a sailing instructor in the same class as Thomas Coville. At the age of 19, he worked as a sailing GO at Club Med in Morocco, then would never stop sailing: sailing instructor in Dahouet (22), number 1 crew member on winter training courses at La Trinité-sur-Mer… He was lucky enough to work with Eric Loizeau, a renowned skipper and mountaineer. He even organized the most successful women’s sailing race, “La route d’Elissa”, in 2004. He is now the proud owner of a Swan 42.
Laurent, with his background as an entrepreneur, trainer and consultant, is our “project manufacturing” expert: not only will he help you with a sale between private individuals, but he’ll also be able to help you with sales-related projects (business plan, export…).

Patrick A.

Patrick Audrain
+33 7 87 42 94 95

International Yacht Broker, Hyères

Patrick embarked on his father’s boat when he was 3 weeks’ old. After rebuilding an old wooden sailboat from wreckage in Saint-Malo at the age of 18, he took it all the way to Spain. A keen scuba diver and Nitrox instructor for many years, he obtained a Merchant Navy certificate and a Skipper’s certificate (BPPV) in Nice in 1992. Patrick, after a busy career in the pharmaceutical industry and a past as a company director, returned to the nautical world to put down his sailor’s bag with the passion that characterizes him, with several convoy operations to his credit. He joined the MiB Yacht Services team in 2023 to successfully develop the brokerage business.

Loan N.

Loan Nicolle
+33 6 46 78 74 27

International Yacht Broker, Hyères

Loan is our youngest and most promising Yacht Broker in Hyères. Passionate about boating, he spent his summers welcoming boats to Porquerolles and renting out Rigid Inflatable Boats. He will help and support you with his dynamism and enthusiasm.

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