18 months in the French West Indies!

18 months in the Carribean

Dear enthusiasts,

It is with great pleasure that we celebrate today our 18 months’ presence in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean! Just like in Hyères and Marseille, MiB Yacht Services is committed to offering its clients its expertise in the purchase and sale of used boats.

During this time, we have had the opportunity of assisting our Caribbean clients in making their dreams come true, facilitating the sale or purchase of around twenty units, including prestigious monohulls such as the Irwin 65, Swan 57, and Amel Santorin, as well as sought-after catamarans like the Lavezzi 40, Lagoon 47, and Wild Cat 350.

With a new office in Le Marin, Martinique, for the past 6 months, our broker Vincent is at your disposal to discuss your Caribbean navigation project. Mobile and adaptable, he will assist you in finding the perfect boat and turning your dream into reality!

Don’t hesitate to make your dream of sailing in these heavenly waters a reality!

For those of you considering selling your boat, we are also here to help you transition smoothly. Trust our expertise to accurately estimate and value your boat and find the best buyer.

See you soon

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