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Brauer Hamburg Goellete

350 000.00 

VAT included


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Marseille, France

Magnificent old rigging classified as a boat of heritage interest with many qualities

Its original auric horn rig and size make it a sought-after boat for coastal sailing.

Its spacious deck can accommodate up to 25 people, and its interior offers warm comfort, ideal for family cruising. Its oak hull, teak deck and mahogany interior bear witness to its meticulous care and reliability. Featuring the latest sails, high-performance engines and modern equipment, ANTARES embodies maritime history and tradition. Its rich past and gradual transformation into a live-aboard make it a unique vessel steeped in fascinating history.

Available for sale with a team of experts dedicated to its care, ANTARES is ready to continue its adventure with its future owner, guaranteeing the continuity of its exceptional heritage.


Electronic navigation equipment
Equipped and well adapted to this exceptional yacht, the electronic equipment is in perfect condition.

Superior deck and technical equipment
Scania Vabis 6-cylinder, 9-liter diesel engine with no preheating (and which starts perfectly in the middle of winter in very cold weather!!!! Modern engines haven’t invented anything!) It is called a ‘slow engine’, with a rotation speed of 1000 rpm and 5 knots/1200t 5.5 knots/1400t 6.5 knots (depending on conditions). Consumption at 1200rpm = 8 litres/hour. The reverser is a Masson, completely overhauled in spring 2023, and the hydraulic pressure pump is new.
A 30hp 3-cylinder Betamarine diesel drives a hydraulic power unit that controls the bow thruster and windlass. A Panda 4Kwa generator provides total autonomy at anchor. The autonomy of the two batteries in the service park for two fridges, one of which is a fridge/freezer, is 48h00. 30 minutes of generator power a day runs the dishwasher, recharges the batteries and heats the water for the bathroom (fitted with a bathtub). The 3 engines are serviced every year, with an oil change in March and a filter change, and none of them consumes oil from one year to the next.

On-board household equipment
Its deck is very pleasant, friendly and spacious in summer, and can take up to 25 people, including crew, on day trips (coastal 8 offshore mode). Inside, it’s a real apartment with all the comforts of home, a magical, cozy family opening onto Marseille. In fact, the kids love it – it’s a real pirate ship!

Sail accessories
Its sails date back to 2009 and were overhauled in January 2021: Mainsail – foresail – staysail – jib – wink-jib – genoa – spanker sail – mainsail. All the awnings are new. The masts are made of Oregon Douglas fir. The bowsprit mast is new (March 2021).

Kitchen and appliances
Stove, fridge, washing machine, all comforts on board

A little history

Antarès is a boat with a rich and atypical history. Built in 1945 by the BRAUER shipyard in HAMBURG, in two examples, as fake fishing boats camouflaged to exfiltrate the city’s authorities, the boats were hidden on the Elbe during the bombing raids. Only Antares will survive. We lose track of Antares and find it as a Dutch prize. It would appear that the boat ran into a heavy storm during its escape, causing it to drift unexpectedly into Dutch waters. Antarès was entrusted to a fisherman for some fifteen years.

Then the boat was bought by a Dutch couple and their 2 children. Being a family of marine carpenters, they set about modifying Antarès into a liveaboard. While dismantling the superstructure, they discovered, hidden in Antarès’ structure, the plans to complete it. In fact, the authorities fled before the yard could finish building Antarès. The rigging was missing. On discovering the plans, the family finished building Antarès and added the final rigging. They followed the plan to the letter, and today Antarès is the ONLY true auric rig in the pure maritime tradition, with no winches or furlers. Sails are hoisted by pulley. The steering wheel is over 150 years old. It was salvaged from an old boat by the family’s grandfather, who restored it and installed it on Antarès. The family lived on Antarès for around twenty years, then sold the boat in England. It became a school ship and was used to map the North Sea coastline for the first digital cartography software (

Antarès was sold in France in 2012. It is based at Port Corbières in Marseille 13016. I’m the third owner. Antarès is in an exceptional state of preservation, thanks to the close attention paid to its upkeep. In fact, she just left the shipyard for her refit and returned to port on January 15, 2024.


Technical Data

Boat Category : 1
Length : 16 m
Beam : 5.2 m
Draft : 2.3 m
Displacement : 45000 kg


Engine Quantity : 1
Manufacturer : Scania
Power : 125 CV
Fuel : Diesel


Number of cabins : 3
Number of berths : 8
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