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and innovative

Millikan Boats is an innovative boat concept: the first electric and solar-powered 30-foot catamaran, 100% self-sufficient on the water. Millikan Boats’ values are innovation, respect for the environment and the pleasure of sailing. Thanks to 100% electric power, Millikan Boats offers a comfortable, silent, highly economical and stress-free boat.

Explore the seas in total freedom, without ever having to worry about recharging. Our cutting-edge solar technology, combined with high-performance batteries, enables you to sail day and night, whatever the weather conditions.

Millikan M9
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An innovative boat

No compromises when it comes to innovation: folding solar wings, latest-generation panels, cutting-edge motors, revolutionary interface previously reserved exclusively for the automotive industry

For several years now, coastal municipalities and public authorities have been educating boaters about protecting the seabed. Anchors have become a veritable scourge for seaweed, essential to the underwater ecosystem.
That’s why we’ve added a landmark innovation to the world of consumer boating: the virtual anchor! Combining high-precision GPS and computerized engine management, it allows you to stay at a fixed position, without having to drop anchor. With a simple click, the yachtsman immobilizes his boat, holding it in place thanks to light energy pulses supplied to the rotating motors. Consumption is virtually nil, allowing the virtual anchor to be used for several hours or even days.

2 cabins
1 shower
sleeps 6 + 1
1 toilet
9,5 m
2 x 15 kW
12 knots max
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